Expertentipps zum Digitalen Marketing

The trend towards digitization is forcing companies to rethink their processes and qualify their
employees. In the context of digitization processes, there are various approaches to accompany the
digitization in the company with external input and exchange with other companies. A recent study on
digitization has shown that many employees would appreciate if the workplace did not change as a
result of digital transformation. Marketing is no exception. Employees must be accompanied individually
after this study. Confidence spreads the reactions of companies that have already digitized jobs:

  • 64% of employees report that much is faster with digital technologies.
  • For 61%, the work was easier.
  • 50% have received spatial and temporal flexibility through digitization.
  • In order to implement a suitable digitization strategy in marketing, it also makes sense to individually
  • qualify one’s own marketing staff through the various stages of implementation.


Why digitization? Do I really need Digital Marketing? Is that important to us? We’ve always done it that
These are just a few statements that often fall in the context of digitization. Not every marketing
employee is open to digitization. Therefore, first of all, awareness of the necessity of digitization
processes in marketing must be created. Only if the persons involved are involved with their own
motivation can a positive effect occur.

For the mobilization one can use different further education formats. For example, congress events on
the subject of digitization, such as the continuing education congress Education in the Tower, which
deals with the subject of education management at the beginning of January, or the Cologne Marketing
Day, which provides meaningful impulses for Marketeer.

Also in-house lectures on management conferences or sales and marketing meetings with external
speakers can set new impulses! The speakers of the German Institute of Marketing have already
accompanied more than 500 such lectures and impulse events. Often, these impulse events have

resulted in further steps in the digitization process. It’s just that even the longest way starts with a
simple first step.


In order to truly understand digitization and its impact on your own business and business model, the
marketing team needs to delve deeper into the relevant topic of Digital Marketing. How do customers
behave, which technologies are relevant, which best practice examples are there? In-depth seminars
help to get a good overview. Especially open seminars by subject matter experts can contribute to
knowledge creation and competence building.


When designing digitization options, in-house solutions for digital marketing (workshops, conferences,
etc.) make the most sense. Test different options and develop prototypes with the help of external
partners. The more input you receive, the better you can build individual options, use new impulses for
digitization, and test, test, test. In recent years, we have accompanied a variety of digitalisation projects
and have learned one thing: diversity of experience is better than simplicity!

To implement

Many digitization projects fail because they believe that all employees have sufficient expertise and
skills to implement, which is often not the case. The introduction to digital marketing should therefore
be accompanied by training concepts and team training. In-house seminars and e-learning kits help to
take all employees along, build competencies, reduce resistance and successfully live digitization.
The fact that a marketing department and a company has to deal with digital marketing has slowly
arrived in most companies. But how? This is a cutting question to which we have interviewed numerous
experts and we have collected the tips for the use of digital marketing here.